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For the Grieving Child: An Activities Manual
(formerly: Helping Children Grieve: An Activities Manual)

by Dr. Suzan E. Jaffe, Ph.D.

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ISBN:  1-889743-32-1



Chapter 1. What Happens When A Person Dies?
Chapter 2. Different Ways to Grieve
Chapter 3. What Are All These Feelings?
     Activity #1 - Drawing Faces
     Activity #2 - How Does Your Heart Feel Today?
Chapter 4. Exercise & Sports
Chapter 5. Music
Chapter 6. Day-By-Day Feelings
Chapter 7. Uncomfortable Feelings
     Activity #3 - Silly Putty® Fun
     Activity #4 - Clay Therapy
     Activity #5 - The Meaning of Colors
Chapter 8. Missing Hurts
Chapter 9. Take a "Moment or Two"
     Activity #6 - Ways to Take "Moments"
     Activity #7 - More Things to Do When Grieving
Chapter 10. Moments & Memories


1. Introduction--Why this Book?
2. What is the grieving process?
3. What is anticipatory grief?
4. Why is it so hard to talk about the person that has died?
5. How do I teach or help my child to grieve?
6. Common feelings children have when someone dies
7. Does grieving ever end?
8. Anxiety and Depression
9. Comforting the Comforter

Supplemental Reading List

"Help comfort a child with FOR THE GRIEVING CHILD: AN ACTIVITIES MANUAL... The colorfully illustrated book, written by Dr. Suzan Jaffe of Aventura [FL], explains grief and how exercise, music or something as simple as a hug can be helpful. The activities focus on emotions through drawing, coloring and writing. In the section for adults, which should be read first, topics include safety issues, depression and the grieving process."

--Desonta Holder
The Miami Herald


This two-part book offers guidance to people who work with children, and also provides explanations for young children. The book is designed to make it easier for children to ask questions and express feeings.

--Ann Martino
The Ann Arbor [MI] News


"I think it [For the Grieving Child: An Activities Manual] is a perfect resource explining the grieving process to those of us who are not professionals. The section on 'comforting the comforter' is a very important section that deserves several readings.

"Thank you again...I hope that you will publish again with the sense of clarity and heart realized in For the Grieving Child."

-- George Grunfeld, Ed.D.
Lower School Head, Pine Crest School, Florida

About the Author

Suzan E. Jaffe, Ph.D. is a Board Certified Doctor of Sleep Medicine and an Advanced Registered Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. During her over thirty years of practice, she has encountered hundreds of grieving children and families. Her current interests include nonfiction and fiction writing, but she continues to see children and adults of all ages who suffer from sleep disturbances in her private practice in Aventura, Florida.

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