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Marvin's Lump

by Jennifer Weil


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ISBN:  1-889743-47-X

About The Book:

This is a book for five to nine year-olds. It addresses their fears and helps them see how to overcome them. And it manages to help children by using rhyme; it is somewhat like an illustrated poem for children. As one teacher who read a manuscript of the work says: " The rhythm and rhyme give it a familiar "Dr. Seuss" feeling. It treats an important issue for children in a way that is appropriate for children and easy for them to understand. Outstanding!"

Ms. Brown continues:

It makes an important point without sounding too preachy or teachy, which isn't always easy to do...It is good for prediction, too. I found myself wondering what the big lump was going to turn out to be ( I thought it was fear, which I guess was close). I will see if my kids will guess it. I think it will also lend itself well to further discussion "lumps" each of us carries around with us?

Third Grade Teacher

The reaction from her students?

"It was really cute; I liked it."
Kaylee, age 8

"The book is excellent."
Jalen, age 9

"I think she will become a really good author."
John, age 8

Now, John is a good predictor of success. It just did not know it. The author has written several works; however, it is this one that she is focusing mainly for children to help them cope with a real issue for children.

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