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Maintaining Motivation:   A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs, Especially

by Christa Chambers-Price

Starting a business is a challenge but remaining motivated to run one is completely different.  This book offers a real life and an honest account of one entrepreneur's journey.

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Table of Contents

Chapter One

Leaving the Safety Net

Chapter Two

You Can't Be Everyone to Everybody

Success Story #1

Chapter Three

Isolation--Real and Imagined

Chapter Four

Hurry Up and Wait/Success is Coming--Right?

Success Story #2

Chapter Five

Remaining Optimistic in the Face of Uncertainty

Success Story #3

Why Especially for Women?

Maintaining Motivation Survival Kit



About the Author
Ms. Christa Chambers-Price has been president of The Price Design Group, LLC since 1997.  She is the mother of two little girls and is currently striving to create and maintain balance in her life.

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