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"This book is divided into three sections.The first part gives 40 scenarios of challenges parents frequently face with their children...The book's second section is a nine-month rites of passage curriculum for both boys and girls....The third section gives parents ideas for activities that are appropriate for preschoolers to 18-year-olds...Parents tell what methods they used to solve the problems...Each scenario is followed by a brief section written by Dr. Nora Martin, who explains why the methods were successful."
--Liz Cobbs, The Ann Arbor News

ISBN: 1-889743-05-4
Price: $25.00

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"Here at last, is a book of practical, developmentally appropriate...information that all...will be thrilled to read.
"Your book shares stories that all [can] relate to and a marvelous section of ideas for children's activities...a significant contribution...."
--Sheryl Benning Thomas, National President, Jack and Jill of America, Inc.


*Perfect as a gift for new and seasoned parents
*Perfect as a gift for grandparents functioning as the main caregivers
*Perfect as a resource for daycare caregivers and teachers


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The owner/publisher, Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, is an author/editor of three books of the books produced by RDP. She is a college professor of literature and composition of Mott Community College (Flint, MI) for over twenty years. She has also taught American Sign Language courses and lecture courses focusing on Deafness. She has initiated and teaches the only college English composition course exclusively for Deaf students in the state. And reportedly, it is the only one of its kind in the country. Dr. Hayes-Scott is a consultant and motivational speaker. She has served as a consultant for an innovative summer six-week academic enrichment program for Detroit Public Schools Deaf students, entitled "Direct Success." On a part-time basis for Eastern Michigan University, she has also served as a supervisor of student teachers.

Dr. Martin is a full Professor of Special Education at Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI). Her expertise is in motivating reluctant learners, enhancing various learning styles, relieving stress, and applying multicultural concepts in different learning environments. She has published extensively; this includes a book and manual. She has received several awards, one of them being the Distinguished Faculty Award II from her university and the prestigious State level award from the Michigan Association of Governing Boards.

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