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Effective Team-Building Activities for the Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Pie Lovers


Dr. Nora Martin and Dr. Fairy Hayes-Scott

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ISBN#:  1-889743-27-5

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Dr. Nora Martin and Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott have presented at several workshops. The main purpose of these workshops has been to foster, maintain, and rekindle the teambuilding spirit in different organizations, companies, and schools.

These two professionals implement their academic understanding of group dynamics, knowledge of human nature, sense of humor, and genuine love of people to provide meaningful methods for fostering team spirit among groups. This publication's title reflects this combination. This book is for a wide range of people. If there are human resource managers of a company, presidents of an organization, or principals of a school who need clear and effective team-building strategies, they'll love the flavor of this book. There is food for thought and clear "recipes" for the preparation of these ideas.

This book is a must for teams in:

  • Businesses
  • Educational Institutions
  • Church Groups
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Sororities, Fraternities

So, the authors welcome you to the dessert table for any person who feels his/her organization, company, or institution needs some sweetening among its very special ingredients-its members.

A CD will accompany the book that have color pictures and interpretative readings of poetry. These can be used for group activities.



Who is Dr. Nora Martin? Dr. Martin is a full Professor of Special Education at Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI). She has particular expertise in methods for motivating reluctant learners, enhancing various learning styles, relieving stress, and applying multicultural concepts in different learning environments. Dr. Martin has published extensively. Currently, she is serving as Eastern Michigan University Coordinator for the Comer Schools and Families Initiative and also serves as a member of the National Faculty for Yale University. She has received numerous awards, e.g., Distinguished Faculty Award II from Eastern Michigan University and the prestigious state-level award from the Michigan Association of Governing Boards.

Who is Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott? Dr. Fairy, affectionately referred to by her students, is a full Professor of English Composition and Literature. She also has taught in the Interpreter Training Program at Mott Community College (Flint, MI), helping to prepare students to become sign language interpreters. Also, she is the owner of Robbie Dean Press, an independent publishing company in existence for twelve years. Just recently, she became co-owner of MarketingNewAuthors.com, an aggressive marketing and distributing company, providing on-line, tradeshow exposure, and on-going consultation to authors. With her publishing and marketing experience, still, she remains true to her teaching roots. She has won awards for her teaching skills. For her commitment to teaching, the most cherished award is the classroom named in her honor by the Board of Trustees of Mott Community College per the petition of her students and colleagues.
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