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Robbie Dean Press is a publishing company proud to say its people are determined to make a difference!

Robbie Dean Press (RDP) is a traditional publisher that has every work submitted to a board of review.
Our focus is on college texts and/or manuscripts with unique subject matter.

Robbie Dean Press Faculty Publishing...

Announcing an Exciting Subsidiary...
Robbie Dean Press can now offer the same extensive marketing and distribution services to self-publishers and smaller publishing companies that it has provided for its own traditional publications. It does this through its innovative subsidiary company-- MarketingNewAuthors.com (MANA). MANA envisions a web portal for the publishing industry that not only provides an affordable "bookshelf" for authors, but also offers a stimulating experience that even the bookstores can't match while putting money back in the pocket of the authors.

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We are capable of publishing your classroom materials to your specifications.  We arrange all publishing dates around your schedule.  Some of our titles are:

Bare Essentials:
An English Handbook for Beginner Writers, 18th Ed.


Essential Writing Skills for Deaf Students, 2nd ed.

Parents Imparting Discipline and Heritage

Your Remarkable Anatomy

A Primer for a Principal's Survival and Success:
Four Principals and a Teacher Speak

Linguistics for College Freshmen and Sophomores: Non Majors Welcomed!

Process and Voice in the Writing Workshop 4th Edition

Propaganda American Style

Post-Colonial Composition Pedagogy:
Using the Cultures of Marginalized Students to Teach Writing

A Book of Mental Meanderings by Jerry L. Curtis, Ph.D.

Marvin's Lump

Strategic Reading for College Students

The Basics of Basic Counseling

Becoming Me Again:
A workbook for Sexually-Abused Kids and Teens

To Market, To Market...

Cases of Concern - Scenarios of Conflict, DVD


We like to have as much manuscript material as possible in order to accurately assess the potential of your book.  Feel free to review some titles we have produced.

Facilitated Communications - Case Studies

Just Ask Bob

Intercultural Communication in Japan:
Making it Happen Effectively

One Split Second

Reflections of Christian Women

Sermons by Sorors

The Teacher's Handbook of Multicultural Games Children Play

God's Got a Word for Delta Women

A Photographic Journal:
Mother Nature's Spiritual Gift to You

Process & Voice: In the writing workshop, 4th ed.

Poems of the Spirit:
In God's Hands


We want to work with you to publish your own material with Robbie Dean Press.  Do you have a unique idea? Some of our unique titles are:

The African-American/Black Diaspora Word Search Puzzlebook, 2nd ed.

Narratives of E.S.L. Students:
The World is Round, 2nd ed.

The Values Wordsearch [computer] Puzzlegame

Learn to Write for Academic Success in Undergraduate and Graduate School

Maintaining Motivation:
A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs Especially

Reesy-- A Little Girl Learning Life's Lessons

Effective Team Building Activities for the Pumpkin Pie and/or Sweet Potato Pie Lovers

Unlocking Personal Power

Children of The Tundra and The Animal People

V is for Vegetable



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