and Robbie Dean Press pledge a percentage for any product purchased on either site for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. This percentage is in addition to the percentage already pledged to aid the victims of the tsunamis to UNHCR.There are some books, however, that lend themselves more immediately to the emotional and psychological needs of the victims, especially the children, and to those educators, counselors, and family members who are trying to bring some normalcy to their lives. Also, there are books that can give comfort to those adults who are trying to cope and those professionals who are administering to them. Thus, a percentage will be donated for those books that directly address these needs:

Poems of the Spirit: In God's Hands

For the Grieving Child: An Activities Manual

Of course, there are several books on both sites. And MANA and Robbie Dean Press welcome friends, families, and professionals to peruse. Whichever one you may think may help you help others cope, we will get to you as soon as possible. And you can know that some of the funds earned from this purchase will go to help those in need. These funds will be donated to the American Red Cross.